• Web Design Process

1. Consultation

The first place most people like to start is by talking to us and making sure we are going to be a good fit for your business. While we believe we will be a good fit for any business, we are happy to schedule a consultation to make sure that AddLocal will meet the needs.

2. Sign Up

Are you ready to get started? You’ll sign up right here on our website. You’ll pay the $500 to start and the rest after design is completed. There is recurring monthly website hosting fee as well, though the monthly payment won’t be charged for 30 days from sign-up.

3. Project Setup

Once you are signed up, you’ll receive access to a Basecamp project, our project collaboration software, within 24 hours. It is through Basecamp that your project will be managed and where you’ll submit all the information we need to build your website.

4. Content Submission

Through the project management software you’ll submit all of the copy text for your website pages as well as any images you would like to use on the site. We’ll probably make some suggestions along the way too based on our years of experience building websites for businesses.

5. We Build Your Site

After you submit your content to us through Basecamp, we’ll get to work building your website by designing your home page and by building out all of your other content pages. This part of the process sets us apart from our competitors.

6. You Review Your Site

After we get all of the content and get your website built out, we will schedule a time to show it off to you. We’ll review all of the pages on the site to make sure that your content is correct and that you are satisfied with what AddLocal has built.

7. Launch Your Website

AddLocal will take the feedback from your review and update the site once that is complete it will be time to take your website live! Once your website is launched it will available for all the world to see.

8. We Support You

Now that your website is live, we are here to support you. You’ll get access to support videos to show you how to keep your website up to date, as well as access to our online support center.

Are you ready to get started?